#eye #eye


Maija Joensuu, landscape architect
Noora Lehtovuori, curator

20.8.2020 - 25.9.2020
The installation was part of the Island of Relations exhibition and
the University of the Arts Helsinki’s Saari 2020 program on Kuninkaansaari.

video and photos by Noora Lehtovuori


Our JUURI-installation took shape through combining vegetation and architectural elements present in Kuninkaansaari. Looking at them freed our imagination to reflect on the site’s histories, the present, and the intertwining invisible and perceived environments.

The provocation of the project was to look for something on Kuninkaansaari which already existed, but could be highlighted differently. When we visited the island, we could recognise that its current state had been built and unbuilt, comprising both concrete and vegetation. At the same time, it retained an air of mystery.

The island didn’t need anything from us.

As we left the island, we remembered the dark openings in the corridors, the fractures of the walls, the vegetation that hides, layers, and breaks.

We set out to illustrate this with the means provided by our craft. We wanted to make visible the vast invisible network of trees on Kuninkaansaari, and encourage visitors to think about the different forms of communication between the trees and vegetation living on the island, through this spatial experience.

Text by Maija Joensuu & Noora Lehtovuori
Proofreading: Katie Lenanton